Love Story

I was an awkward and practical, 17 going on 30 high-schooler who had never had a boyfriend.  He was an outgoing, adventurous, charming 22 year old college student, chasing his dream of making movies.  I, being my logical self, told myself it was pointless to like him, because it’s not like I was going to marry him.  He was battling a war within because how could he want to be with a girl who was so much younger.  Then one night he asked a friend for advice.  This advice led to the conversation in the car outside of a local bookstore, which started the journey of “us.”

We dated just over a year.  During that time, we spent as much time together as we possibly could.  We loved packing picnics, going to the park and reading together, we loved the stereotypical date, dinner and a movie and we loved taking road trips.  We would fall asleep most nights on one of our couches after watching a movie or talking for hours, which occurred often.  

Then, one December night we went on a casual coffee date.  As we left, we were met with a horse drawn carriage that took us to a local theatre.  As we approached, I could see that the marquee read, “I can’t take my eyes off of you.”  Inside, the stage was scattered with roses and a candlelit table.  After dinner, I was asked to dance as some of our favorite love songs played.  Our dancing was interrupted by the click of a projector, and I was led down to a theatre seat as a film of our time together started playing on the screen.  After the film flickered to an end, I faced my love, who was on one knee as he showered me with lovely words, and I was finally asked the question I had been yearning to hear.  Through tears, and smiling from ear to ear, I answered “yes.”

For the next six months, a whirlwind ensued of dresses, flowers, vendors, menus and planning.  At times, the planning was easy and at times, the planning was difficult.  But the most important thing was that he met me in his tux and I in my dress at the end of an aisle.  With our friend overseeing the ceremony, we declared our love for one another to our friends and family.  There was a kiss and we were pronounced husband and wife.

Since that day, so much has taken place in our life together, purchasing a home, moving, going back to school, and parenthood.  And a lot has changed, including our love.  I don’t think the young couple on that June day could have imagined how much their love would grow and I know I can’t imagine it twenty years from now.  What I’m trying to focus on, is not the future or the past, but loving my family to the fullest, today.

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