Thursday, July 29, 2010

Life Goes On

Well, there really isn't anything to report since my last post.  We're still playing the waiting game.  Hopefully we will get an update about the boys within the next few weeks.  I know our agent said they are supposed to have their doctor's appointments about 4-6 weeks after we accept them as referrals.  Then we should know a little more information (birthdays, weight, length, general medical health, etc).

Speaking of doctors, we have decided to take the boys to Eric's doctor.  I originally sent Eric to this doctor because my boss recommended him.  And it turns out that he actually treats many adopted children and participates in Doctors Without Borders every year, which takes him to different impoverished countries to treat children.  It really all just fell together really.  He told Eric that he even did a video conference with a couple who were overseas bringing their newly adopted child home.  What service!

Oh, while we're on the topic of babies, Eric and I attempted to start our registry last weekend.  I say attempted because we really don't know what we're doing and will have to make many adjustments.  I took it with me to a friend's who's little boy just turned one.  She gave me a lot of great advice and hopefully I will be able to act on it relatively soon.  My mom's family has already decided to throw me a shower the middle of September.

I am really excited but it is still really weird to think about having two little kids around the house.  It's a reality that definitely won't sink in until we're actually here living it.  No matter how much I plan and prep for it, I don't think it will ever seem normal beforehand.

Man, there may be more things to say than I originally thought.  Last week I started training my replacement.  It's so weird doing it since I have the typical mentality that two weeks later, I should be done.  But that is not the case in this situation.  Since I basically run most of the company, I will be around at least until the end of September to ensure that she has a decent understanding of the company and its many facets. 

Well, I'm off to bed.  I have work tomorrow and then the busy weekend starts which includes a bridal shower, shopping afternoon with mi madre and nursery.  Next week will be my last of school for the summer so free time will become available a couple of days each week.  Let the sewing/knitting/crafting begin!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drumroll Please.....

I am happy to announce that Eric and I have accepted two referrals this week!  We are going to have two little boys!  We are just super excited!

Sadly, I am not able to post their names or photos at this time.  Our agency has a no blog policy until the children are legally ours.  This policy is to help protect the integrity of our adoption.  We do not want anyone to question our motives if we're posting identifying information about our children on public sites. 

Thankfully, if you see me, I will most definitely have photos to show off and news to share.

And hopefully the legal process will move quickly and we will be able to introduce them as our actual children soon.

Now that we have both of our referrals, the next phase can begin.  Once some legalities are taken care of in the Congo, we will begin filling out paperwork to sent to the embassy requesting exit approvals and other things in order to take them home with us.  According to our timeline, we may be able to bring them home as soon as 3-5 months.

As things progress and as we complete more steps, we will absolutely keep people updated.

We thank you for all of your support and I am oh-so excited to post photos soon!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Free is Always Best!

Last week I got a call from my dad, "Rosie, I found a crib for free as I was driving home.  I picked it up for you."  Yep, that's my dad.  If it says "free", he's stopping.  But this time, what a sweet find!  Eric and I went to visit yesterday and the crib is in great condition.  All I am going to do is sand and paint it so it looks a little more "new."

I haven't taken any photos yet, but I figured I will do a post of before and after pictures.  Before I start fixing it up, I am going to get the second crib.  Might as well do everything at once, right?  So, hopefully I will find something soon and utilize the nice weather to redo both cribs and the changing table.

I am not opposed to spending money, but I just feel so good when I find things for cheap.  Like the goodwill skirt I bought and altered.  Speaking of which, altering is SO expensive.  I have been scoping out Craiglist in search of a sewing machine and have signed up for a beginner class at JoAn's.  Hopefully I will never need to pay for alterations again.

In addition to a sewing machine and beginner class, I am seriously contemplating taking this online class I found.  Smile and Wave is such a fabulous blog and the writer is working with several other bloggers to offer this beginner class.  You should check it out and also her blog.

A bunch of us girls who get together on Tuesdays are talking about taking it. How fun to do it with girlfriends! And then you have people to ask questions and bounced ideas off of each other. By yourself or with a group, you should check it out!

On the adoption front, nothing new to report.  But hopefully soon! (crossing our fingers)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Life Goes On

Man oh man, I can't believe it's been so long since I posted.  I have been thinking that this past weekend was the Fourth of July.  I do and don't like how fast time flies in the summer.  It's always so bitter sweet.

In the world of adoption, not much has happened.  We're still at the top of the waiting list for a referral with no paperwork to complete until the identity of the kiddos is known.

With summer always being so busy, it's actually not very hard to keep my mind off of the waiting.  Brett, Ashley and Hannah all came home from Cali over the holiday so our time was filled with family as well as friends.  Visits, along with birthdays, weddings and family trips quickly fill up the few weekends the summer offers.

In addition to summer activities, I am taking an accelerated biology class three days a week and am working three days.  Let's just say that I have to schedule time to grocery shop (I am really not lying).

Hope you are able to slow down and enjoy your weekend!

Friday, July 2, 2010


Last week I emailed our agency about the completion of our Dossier review, which ended up being completed last Thursday (June 24).  After it's review it was scheduled to be sent over to the Congo for their government's review and approval.

As of yesterday I hadn't heard anything about it's mailing, which started to make me a little nervous.  So I emailed our agent about it and apparently it's already in the Congo!  Now, I am not exactly sure how long it takes for them to look everything over and approve us, but I was originally told one or two weeks.  In the crazy world of adoption, this could also be interpreted as three to four weeks, or one to two months.

So as of today, we are waiting for the Congo's approval of our Dossier and our referral.  Once we received Congolese approval, the only thing we're waiting for is our kids.  That's all.  No more applications to complete, no more paperwork to be reviewed, no more mailings, no more notarizing.  Just waiting.

Now, don't be confused.  This doesn't mean all of our paperwork days are over.  They're just suspended until we know our kids.  Then there is a new, huge wave of things to complete and rushing to be done.  It's a crazy emotional state.  When you're doing things it makes you feel like the process is moving along and things are being accomplished.  Even though we're still moving along, waiting makes me feel like we're at a stand-still, or even worse, that something is wrong.

But I have been assured by our agent that everything is okay and that we are actually number one on the list for a referral, we just need kids who match our requirements to come along.  And I know there are so many orphans who need homes in the Congo, it's just a lot of legality to accept a referral since proper abandonment paperwork needs to be completed and approved before we can accept children.  There are a lot of pieces that need to fall into place and until they do, we wait.

We know that God has a big plan for us and we are just going to trust that His timing is perfect.  It's not always easy and I often find myself questioning, "why not now?"  But I must keep telling myself that He is a better planner than I am, now matter how good I think I am :)  Sometimes I try NOT to think about them or the process hoping that as soon as I don't, that's when it will happen.  So far, no such luck.  For now, I continually try to put myself and my plans aside and just rest in the knowledge that he has it all under control.  Like I said, I am trying :)