Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Continually Working

The house has been coming along fabulously.  There are a couple things that have become a little more involved that originally planned, but we are making good progress.

I have decided that construction and painting cannot go on simultaneously, which means once I'm finished taping I will just have to wait.  So we will be working more in stages than we had first thought.  I think it is this way because we are moving so fast with the renovating projects.

It will be weird once we actually get to move in and live there.  It seems pretty unreal right now. 

It is encouraging though to see the house coming along so well.  The progress on the house helps us know that the other things we are figuring out will be decided in due time.

We're just trusting that God's timing is best, just like with the house.  We just have to be patient, no matter how much more I like my time line and plan.

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