Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Starting Gun has Fired

After submitting our initial application, contracts and payments, we are now finishing up round two of paperwork.  Eric and I spent most of the evening Thursday finishing up the application for the Congolese government along with writing a "letter of intent" explaining why we want to adopt one of their kids.  To put the cherry on top, we had to take one of those, oh so cheesy photos of ourselves and sent it along too. See....

It was all ready and waiting Friday morning so Eric could scan and email it to our adoption consultant from work when I get an email stating that he doesn't have the cord to download the photo. now we had to do it after work, which means our consultant won't get it until Monday which also means we won't get the next round until next week.

This isn't too much of a problem; it’s just that I don't have any free time during the week between work and school.  My hope was to get her response Friday so I can work on it over the next two days.  But alas, it just won't be.

Other than loads of paperwork, nothing really has changed.  Our home study is really kicking us in the butt to get the house completely finished.  All the paint touch ups that I have put off can no longer be ignored as well as our "trendy" curtains (i.e. towels/blankets over windows).

The coolest part so far is the awesome response we've gotten from our friends and family.  Thank you all for being so wonderful and supportive.  The Congo application asked if the child will be well received in to our family and we answered with an instant YES!

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  1. Very cool. Your homestudy I am sure will be/is a success, you guys are going to make great parents! Also, thats a great cheesy photo.