Tuesday, December 28, 2010

First Christmas as a Family of Four

Eric and I would both agree that this was the best Christmas ever.  Being able to celebrate it with the boys was an incredible gift.  We are so thankful that the boys came home when they did.  The timing allowed us to attend every family gathering without worrying if the boys were going to be too overwhelmed or if it would harm their acclamation.  And the best part is, their Aunts and Uncle who live in California were able to meet them.

Unfortunately I do not have pictures of Christmas yet.  Our camera was either forgotten or used for video purposes.  It's a lot harder to remember your camera when you are busy loading diaper bags, walkers, pack n' plays, and children.  So I will have to get some pictures from our family so I can post them.  The only picture we took on our camera was of our family of four at my parents house on Christmas day.

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas holiday and have a very fun New Years!

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