Monday, February 7, 2011

8 Weeks

Today the boys have been home for 8 weeks.  In one way, the time feels like it's flown by, but at the same time, it feels like a lot longer.  Maybe this just me.  I feel the same way about being married.  Sometimes it feels like longer than it actually is and sometimes I can't believe I've been married for as long as I have.  But the calendar doesn't lie.

Since coming home, the boys have made incredible progress.

Baxter is officially 8 1/2 month old.  When he first came home he was pretty sick with scabies, malnutrition, cradle cap, eczema, and a fungal diaper rash.  At first we were pretty sad, because Baxter just didn't seem happy.  But who could blame him for feeling lousy when he had all that going on.  Now that everything has cleared up, he is as happy as can be.  He can be a little needy at times, but we're okay with all the hugs he wants to give.  He is crawling, and pulling himself up on everything.  We are constantly keeping an eye on what he's doing and watching for any signs he might fall.  Although, now that he can get down from standing, it makes things a lot easier.  He is constantly on the move, and doesn't like being confined to any sort of exesaucer.  Needless to say that most of my time while he is awake is spent on watching him scoot around.  It's crazy to think that I will be planning a 1 year birthday soon.

And Atticus is almost exactly two months younger, so he's now 6 1/2 month old.  When you see them every day, it's hard to notice all of the progress that they've made.  But when he first came home, he could barely sit up on his own (with help), and refused to put any weight on his legs.  Health-wise, Atticus was and is very healthy.  He came home without any real issues and was in the 50th percentile for height and weight.  Since then, he sits up on his own constantly and tips over only occasionally, and he will now stand up with the help of someone.  He has grown so much, but is still our very content baby.  He almost always has a smile on his face.  Recently he has started babbling a lot more, and we usually find him doing it by himself.  He thinks he's so funny.  Atticus doesn't seem as interested as Baxter in crawling and walking, so we don't expect either to happen for a while, but you never know.  Atticus will turn 1 on July 19.  He shares his birthday with my "nephew" (my best friend's little boy), and also his grandma (Eric's mom).  Needless to say, July is going to be a busy month for us.

Eric has been editing the documentary he is creating for them, and comes home blown away at how far they've come.  He has had the opportunity to really see the difference because he spends all day watching footage of them while we were in the DRC.  Hopefully I will get a chance to see it soon.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  We enjoyed a movie on Saturday and a Superbowl party with friends.  So I'd say it was pretty successful.  Have a great week!

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