Monday, April 11, 2011

Overnight Date

So on Saturday, Eric's parents watches the boys overnight.  It was amazing!  And the boys did great!  We dropped them off at 6:30 and headed back over to our side of town where Eric surprised me with a new phone!  Mine was getting pretty bad.  I knew I was going to need a new phone, but wasn't sure when.  Problem solved now!

After we picked up my phone, we decided to grab sushi for dinner.  I just love sushi and thankfully, it is one thing that is easy to have on this new eating regimen I'm on.  I snapped some photos with my new camera, but when I hooked it up with my computer, it deleted all of them.  I am so sad.  I had some really cute ones of Eric and I and of our delicious dinner.  I'm a little disappointed, but I'll be okay.

After sushi, we wanted to get coffee and talk about all of the things on our "list of things to talk about."  You see, once you have kids, you kind of have to make specific time to talk about more serious topics (nothing bad, just more serious than "how was your day?").  I struck up a conversation on our way there, and we never made it inside.  That is just like us.  We have always had important conversations in the car.  We drive somewhere with the intention of going in, but end up sitting in the parking lot.  It happened when Eric actually told me how he felt about me, when we had our really big fight about planning our wedding, and several other memorable conversations.  Needless to say that by the time we were ready for coffee, the shop was closed. C'est la vie.

Sunday morning, though, was by far the weirdest part of the overnight date.  I kept thinking that the boys were upstairs and when I went to put something away, they weren't there (obviously).  But aside from the constant feeling that I was neglecting the boys, it was very nice.  I didn't have to time my shower around their nap or make sure that I woke them up in time to feed them before leaving.  It was just a relaxing morning.  Eric and I went and got muffins from a little bakery around the corner (I couldn't eat them), and made coffee/tea to go with our breakfast.  We did this every single Sunday for the entire summer/fall before the boys came home.  Now that it's getting nice, we are super excited to take the boys on a little walk on Sunday mornings.

For lunch, we went to Eric's parents and then were able to pick up the boys.  We were told they did a super job, although their naps were a little off.  But that's really nothing.  It went so well that Eric's parents offered to take the boys overnight once a month.  Woohoo!  We'll take it!

Overall, it was good to have a night to ourselves and now we know the boys can handle it.  When we got to Eric's parents, I had his dad snap this photo.  Ah, reunited :)

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