Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday Night

Monday nights are typically the day of the week I get to spend on my own.  Eric comes home from work, and I am off.  He's solely responsible for feeding the boys dinner, getting them bathed and putting them to bed.  Sometimes I have plans and sometimes I don't.  This past Monday, I spent the first half of my evening working on a project.  It was so nice to work on it for two uninterrupted hours straight.  I think that I sometimes do better that way, since I can get into a groove, whatever that really means.  About halfway through the evening, one of my best friends met up with me and we spent the rest of the night drinking Starbucks and reading fashion and gossip magazines.  Despite what some people may say, particularly my husband, it's a good time.  And it's this time that I so desperately need.

Just having a night to myself, whatever I do, is great.  I feel like I am better able to be with the boys the rest of the week without feeling like I am going crazy.  So hooray for Monday nights!

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