Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tis the Season

No, it's not Christmas in July.  It's the season for farmers markets!  Oh my love, they are my favorite thing to visit during the summer.  It's sad that this was the first weekend I ventured out.  One of my best friends came over with her little boy and we walked.  Yeah, I know, it's even more pathetic that it's my first farmers market visit of the season and I have one within walking distance.  Shame on me.

In order to more easily maneuver at the market, I wore Atticus on my back and pushed Baxter in a stroller.  This was actually pretty easy and I definitely plan on doing it more often.  Within 10 minutes of leaving, Atticus was asleep.

Every year I am reminded of how awesome our market is.  You can get so much, even meat, bread, cheese and honey. I think that miss may just become a weekly routine.  At least until it snows, but we won't think about that yet.

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