Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Wears

This weekend, for us, was a lot of fun, we spent time with lots and friends and family.  It really was a perfect summer weekend.  Friday night we had some friends over for dinner, and to play Wii (per Eric's request).  We have been loving You Don't Know Jack, which is not your typical trivia game, but we think it's super fun.

Dress: F21  /  Belt: F21  /  Jeans: H & M  /  Sandals: Charlotte Russe

The first half of Saturday was a mixture of relaxation and projects, followed by an evening at the lake.  A friend's family has a cottage on a lake and we were there for the afternoon/evening.  It was a lot of fun, and the sun decided to make an appearance just as we arrived. 

Shirt: Thrifted & Altered  /  Shorts: H & M  /  Belt: Thrifted

Sunday was spent with family, taking naps, playing games and eating delicious food.  And, as always, we ended the day with our traditional movie night.  We watched Cedar Rapids.  Have you ever seen it?  If not, it's a really fun watch.  There was some crude humor (it is an R rated comedy), but I enjoyed John C Reilly and Ed Helms a whole bunch.

Dress:  Thrifted  /  Belt: Target  /  Jeans: BDG  /  Earrings: Etsy

Compared so some of my previous weekends, this one was pretty relaxing.  I love filling my time with fun things to do, friends and family, but having a few hours here and there just to relax is the cherry on top of a perfect weekend.


  1. I love the checked shirt! You look so gorgeous! <3

    Lost in the Haze

  2. @Jo

    Thanks Jo! It's always my favorite when I am able to thrift a vintage top that I can tweak to be just my size.