Friday, September 30, 2011

The Touch, the Feel

Atticus has started this new thing, he likes to touch my skin, particularly my stomach.  If I'm on the floor with them, he'll lift my shirt and try to get at my skin and if he does, he'll lay his head down and suck his thumb (as if I'm one of his fuzzy blankets or something).  It's really cute, but kind of odd at the same time.  Maybe it seems a little weird to me because I didn't nurse them, but the weirdest part is that it just started out of the blue.  If you have kids, have they ever done this?  I'm curious is this is something that's common and I just don't know about it.


  1. My kids do this too. There are certain spots on your body that let off your scent more than others. You're a human blankie... isn't it bliss? :)

  2. I did nurse my daughter for 21 months (I didn't really want to go that long... it's a long story)... she still has to lay her head on my bare chest when we snuggle and always sticks her hand down my shirt (it's a little embarrassing)... but I reckon that is because I nursed her so long. So sweet though.