Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Wear

This weekend was as laid back as a weekend can get for us.  We were home both Friday and Saturday night and had nothing planned for Saturday, except decorating the Christmas tree.  It was so low key that it almost boarded boredom.  Almost.

On Sunday we did our usual morning routine, only this time we made muffins the night before instead of going out and buying them.  Eric's favorite bakery stopped making bran muffins on Sunday morning and only offers them on Friday now.  He was very upset at this news, and when we forgot to pick some up on Friday, decided to try his hand at making them.  I couldn't try them, but he said they turned out good, although not as good as the ones he used to get.  I have now set a reminder in my phone for every Friday to pick some up for Sunday.  

For Sunday dinner, we spent afternoon at Eric's parents, celebrating his Grandma's birthday.  We were even able to face time his sister, brother and sister-in-law in California for a bit too.  It was the first time I'd used face time on my phone.  It's really nice, although a little weird holding your phone way out in front of yourself.

That evening we made a ton of nachos and watched a movie with friends.  We have missed a couple of weeks, so it was so great to see everyone again.  With the holidays, it seems like you either see your friends more or less, depending on how busy your schedules are around this time.

Do you get pretty busy around the holidays?  Do you travel to see family or do they travel to you or is no travel necessary?

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