Saturday, April 28, 2012

Home Owning, Again

Right after I started this blog, Eric and I bought a house.  It was a house that we knew we wouldn't live in forever.  It was a duplex, and our half only had two bedrooms.  We spent a lot of time working on it, because well, it needed a whole bunch of work.

I guess that's just how we like our houses, fixer uppers.  And now we're doing it again.  Yesterday we closed on a house.  It's only a mile from where we currently live, but is big enough to grow as our family does.

It needs a lot of work, and I truly emphasize A LOT.  Like, Eric keeps referencing the Tom Hanks film The Money Pit.  Several walls may be coming down, a kitchen may be being built from scratch, massive amounts of wallpaper could need removing, and wood floors are definitely in need of some love.  To sum it up, we don't expect to actually move into this house until August, if that tells you anything.

So, what does that mean for you?  It means that I will probably be talking a lot about what I'm doing, which will primarily be painting, only after I strip miles and miles of wallpaper, literally.  I will probably talk a lot about what I have been pinning, because let's be honest, Pinterest is a godsend when decorating and styling a new home.  And I will probably talk about how crazy we are to move into a house needing so much work, with two toddlers and a business that is requiring more time from my husband than either of us would like to admit.

On the upside, I'll have some fun before and after posts, eventually.  

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