Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Two Years Old

When asked how old he will be, he can answer you, "2 years old."  The fact that he can even understand the question and respond with the correct answer almost instantly sends tears to my eyes.

And that's how old he is today, 2.  No longer 23 months, he is now officially 2.  He offers full thoughts and sentences, climbs the jungle with the best of them, likes to share a blanket with his brother in the morning, likes to climb up on the stool to see what I am doing in the kitchen, loves helping feed Bella, loves basketball, and he loves his stuffed animal monkey, putting him on his shoulders just like how Eric and I do with him.  He is kind, sensitive and caring; adventurous, brave and daring.  He lights up when he sees his papa is home after work, he asks about playing basketball with Uncle John every single day, and lately has been calling Atty by his full name, Atticus Carver.

He is full of energy and emotion.  Sometimes it's hard to figure him out, and I know that will probably be just an element in our relationship, but his heart is sweet and loving.

The last year and a half have been the best of my life, and as we move further into toddlerhood, I can't help but expect it to get even better.

Happy Birthday Baxter, I love you!



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