Friday, June 15, 2012


Eric and I saw this while we were in Miami.  I knew nothing about it, and all Eric knew was that it looked good from the trailer.  We look a gamble, and it was a good one.  This film is an independent comedy with a small dark shadow.  It's formatted like it's a documentary, and it's based on true events.

Jack Black plays an assistant funeral director, who just loves to make friends with the elderly widows he comes in contact with.  Shirley Maclaine is one of those widows.  But she's not a cute, old lady.  She's actually despised by everyone in the town, but Black still tries to befriend her and their relationship takes a very unexpected turn.

Both Eric and I really like the film and thought Jack Black was so good, and would easily watch another film of his if it was about a character like this.  I could easily see this character, or a similar one, in an SNL skit.

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