Thursday, August 16, 2012

Vacation: Part Three

When we left the cottage on the lake, we didn't head home.  Instead, we drove west a little and met my cousin, his wife and their little boy at my family's cabin.  Our cabin isn't on a lake, but close enough to both inland lakes and Lake Michigan to be an awesome spot.  Plus, we have a homemade go-cart.  What kid wouldn't love that?

We also went to the beach twice in one day, took an impromptu swim in a fountain (at least the kiddos did), played more euchre, ate ice cream, and drank more coffee.  It ended up being quite a long vacation, but you won't hear me complaining one bit.  We hadn't taken a real vacation in a few years, so it was great to get away.  I don't think we'll wait as long between vacations from now on ;)

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