Monday, September 10, 2012

Family Weekend

This weekend we went up north with my family to our cabin.  It wasn't warm enough to hang out at the beach and swim, but we found other fun things to do.  And it was my brother's fiancee's first time, which it's always fun to see someone's reaction since I've grown up there and am so used to everything.

We arrived Saturday morning, and didn't spend much time at the cabin before heading out to the weir to see the salmon run.  There were thousands just hanging out in the river.  It was so cool to see, and the boys loved it.

From the river, we headed downtown Manistee to show my brother's fiancee all of the little shops.  Atticus fell asleep on our way there.  We didn't bring a stroller, so he was passed around while we walked and slept in everyone's arms.  We didn't know it, but there was a craft fair going on downtown, along with a car/boat show.  After getting ice cream, we watched a parade of cool old boats make their way down the channel.

Before heading back to the cabin for the night, we make a quick stop at the beach.  It was cold and very windy, so the boys (meaning Eric and my brothers) decided to take an impromptu dip.  I, choosing not to swim in 60 degree lake water, took the boys over to the play ground and let them have some fun.

We ended the night with grilling, building a fire, eating s'mores and playing cribbage.  Our weekends up north are never too crazy, but it's good.  We get an opportunity to have fun and get away from the norm of being home.

We didn't stay very late on Sunday because it was imperative to be back in time for the Lions opening game, per Eric.  So really, the only thing we did Sunday was go out to breakfast on our way home.  We made it back in time for him to watch the game, and they won.  So it was probably a perfect weekend for Eric.

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