Friday, September 21, 2012

Life As A House

Eric saw this movie while in film school and really liked it.  I had never seen it, so he decided he wanted to watch it again and let me see it for the first time.  It wasn't the same as when he first saw it.  Not many things are ten years later, but it's still a heart warming story.

Kevin Kline plays a man diagnosed with a terminal disease and decides that he's going to get his life in order before he passes away.  He finally, after 20 years, decides to tear down the shack he's living in and build the house he's been dreaming of since owning the property and he tries to repair his relationship with his son, played by Hayden Christensen.  His idea is to spend time with his son as they build the house.  As you might imagine, things don't necessarily go as he had planned.  I won't go much further into detail, since I wouldn't want to give anything away.

It might not be my favorite, but it's a good film.  Kevin Kline and Hayden Christensen give good performances as the lead and supporting actor, and Christensen was even nominated for a Golden Globe.

This film may not be my all time favorite, but it was a good movie.

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  1. I saw it a few years back and thought it was a sad and great movie all at once.