Friday, March 22, 2013

A Much Longer Cleaning List

One of the main reasons that blogging has become a lot more difficult lately is because after we moved, my cleaning list got a whole lot longer.  The last house we lived in was a duplex, so we were essentially living in a two bedroom apartment.  The cleaning list was short, but the amount of space we had was very, very limited.  Now, in our new place there is a bunch more space, but with this new space also comes more places to keep clean.  We have gone from two bedrooms to four and from one bathroom to two and a half.  Thankfully my school load is minimal this semester so the transition to more housework hasn't been too difficult.

One thing that I am finding that really helps is having a cleaning schedule.  I have tweaked it over the last couple of months, but I pretty much have it down now.  Each day I do or clean certain things.  For example, Mondays is laundry day, Tuesday is floor washing day, Thursday is bathroom cleaning day and Friday is vacuum/sweep the whole house day.  There are obviously more things on each day's list, but those are the main things I work at getting done.  I try to keep the weekends as housework-free as possible since we are usually pretty busy and it's always nice to have a break.

I feel a little 1950's housewife-esque with my strict schedule but honestly, I think my stress level would be so much higher without it.  It helps me keep up with all of the housework, I spend less time thinking about how dirty my house is (or how dirty I think it is), and I get overwhelmed less often because I don't try to do everything at once.

How do you do it?  Keep your house clean, I mean.  Are you an everything in one day a week person, or do you spread it out?

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