Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Celebrating Africa

The whole reason for our weekend getaway was to attend a party that our adoption agency hosts every year.  This was the first time we've ever attending, because this is the first year I thought the boys would really like going.  It's called Celebrating Africa and it is an entire afternoon listening to African music, eating ethnic food, making ethnic crafts and watching an African dance group.  

When we arrived there was a man and woman singing and playing drums as people mingled.  Atticus was immediately drawn to them both and just stood there watching them for so long.  After the majority of the guests had arrived, which was probably upwards of 150, the man and woman got out small drums and spent some time teaching the kids a song to sing and play on the drums.  The boys are still singing it on a daily basis.

Towards the end of the party, an African dance group was introduced and performed several different dancers, and once they were done, took the rest of the time to teach the children a welcome dance.  Unfortunately, the party took place right over nap time, so by the end of the event, both boys were pretty worn out and ready to head home.  

But one of the best parts of the entire party was seeing our agent again along with our Congolese lawyer, who was also the woman who escorted Baxter and Atticus home.  This was the first time any of us had seen her since that day at the airport over two years ago.  I won't lie, I teared up a bit upon seeing her.  She's just tied to so many emotional memories, it's hard not to get a little emotional.  It also was hard to not get emotional as I saw my kids play with so many other kids of the same heritage as them.  I definitely think that this is something that we are going to make an annual tradition.  It's just too important not to.

And if pictures aren't enough, Eric put together a little montage on his phone of our trip.

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