Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Lets Talk About Hair

I do not and will not claim to know much about doing black hair.  What I do know I have learned from other adoptive moms, nice women at the beauty supply house up the street, the boys' barber and Baxter's new hair stylist.  I am eager to learn yet am alright with having professionals take care of my boys' hair.  This is the reality of being a white mother of two black children (and a woman who can barely do her own hair most days).

It is a reality that Eric and I talked about before the boys ever came home; the importance of maintaining their hair, and the price tag that inevitably goes along with it.  I could use hair clippers myself, and I could not worry about cleaning up their hair lines, but I know that it's important.

At age 1, they each had their very first haircut.  Our barber was recommended to us by a wonderful women who works at our gym.  At first the boys would see him once a month, but now they are going every other week.  They look forward to going.  They even have a catchphrase with him.  What could take a grand total of 15 minutes takes more like 45 because they hang out and talk with the him and the other people in the barber shop.  They are becoming apart at that barber shop's community.  I love it.  And I say "they" because I don't go anymore, except on rare occasions.  It's become a father-son outing.

What I am involved in is Baxter's new venture into dreadlocked hair.  Or at least the very beginnings of dreadlocks.  We had our very first appointment last weekend, and so began the 6 month to year long process of locking his hair.  What an adventure this will be and I am super excited for it, although I'm a little paranoid that they might all come undone before they lock in for good.  We have another appointment next weekend to have them re-twisted and tightened.  So far, the hardest part is not getting his hair wet.

He did such a great job.  He did not like getting his hair shampooed and squirmed when certain areas were combed, but with a sucker and an iPad, the kid was pretty much golden.  And hopefully it will become easier and easier from here on out.

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  1. i love the look of the mini dreads on your cute little man. whare is baxters located?