Thursday, April 18, 2013


Brothers will be brothers.  Sometimes they are going fight, sometimes they won't get along, sometimes they may not even like each other much.  But the desire I have for my boys is to be close, despite their differences, despite their fights, despite everything.  There are things that they will bound over that are like most siblings, but then there will be things that they will bond over that almost no one else can relate to.  This is why their relationship is so important to me.  This is why I emphasize the importance of being there for your brother no matter what.

Even now they fight a lot, push, yell, get frustrated, but they have also been playing a lot together.  They are becoming content being with each other and not needing me in the room.  Their friendship is blooming, and not just because they are brothers.  Atticus asked Eric who his best friend was the other night and then proceeded to tell him that Baxter was his best friend.

Heart officially melted.  I love my boys.

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