Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still At It

If you look back at the last post before my more than brief hiatus, I posted a picture from the day I enrolled at a local university to start working toward my undergraduate degree.  And you know what?  Still working.  I've told several people recently how much I feel like the tortoise in the race.  I opted to work full time right out of high school and since I've gone back to school, it's been only part time.  The pros are that I never have 5 papers due at once, or have a bunch of exams on the same day, I get to still spend most of my time with my boys and don't have to pay for full time childcare.  The con is that it takes flippin forever!  To those parents who go to school full time, geesh!  You are all superheroes in my book.  My goal is just to have my bachelors by the time I'm 30 (fingers crossed).

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