Friday, December 11, 2009


We moved in to the house this week, which is a really great feeling.  An even better one came last night when the couch was mostly arranged, which made our place actually look like we're living there.

Our bedroom is set up for the most part, just need the clothes taken out of suitcases and put away.  The only thing that is preventing us from truly being moved in is the kitchen.  The walls and ceiling is painted, I am just trying to finish the cupboards, which take FOREVER.  Once that's done, I can unpack my kitchen, touch up the paint we scratched and DECORATE! 

My favorite part is coming slowly but surely, though I want to take my time.  I want to find cool, unique pieces that really give our house personality but it usually more patience than I want to have.  So I will have to be patient and content until those little things come. 

We have a couple furniture pieces that are unique but we are finding out that our living room isn't as big as we had thought or that our couch somehow grew while in storage of the last three months.

And once we feel like we can relax, onto the next adventure!

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