Thursday, January 28, 2010

Home Study Beginnings

I just got a call from our social worker that will be conducting our home study and she received our application and down payment, woot!  We set up our first meeting for this Thursday (Feb 4).  She asked about coming to our house but I managed to escape that.  She made sure to mention "I am going to need to visit your house once".  I told her, "I know" but what I really want is a little more time to finish up some things.

My wonderful mother came over this past Saturday to help do touch-up paint but unfortunately we weren't able to finish it in time, but she just called me and is coming again this Saturday.  What a great momma!

Another step towards completion are our new blinds.  Yes, you heard me right, no more towels covering our windows!  They are just so nice and easy to open.  We ordered them online and they pretty much came the next day.  We got "Mulled Spice" and "Brown" but somehow they interpreted that for Lavender, which is what we got instead of two spiced ones.  Thankfully, I can return these to the local store and hopefully they will be able to reorder some.  Cross your fingers.

I am still working on completing paperwork between doing my homework.  I have finished my autobiography, but Eric is still working on his and our Congo Essay is almost finished.  I tend to get a lot done when Eric has plans and I don't on a weeknight.

I had to run some errands at Target today so I decided to walk through the baby section looking at strollers, car seats, bedding, etc.  It was actually a little weird.  A part of me wanted to get all excited and giddy, but the stronger emotion was impartial, at least I think.  I'm not exactly sure.  Now, don't get me wrong, I am definitely interested in these things.  I think it may just be a defense mechanism to save my heart if this process takes longer than we are told.  That is really the problem, you need to prepare yourself to have a child and be a parent in 6-9 months but at the same time, guard your heart enough that if it takes 18 months you don't end up being bitter.  This is something we pray about a lot, its a very tricky balancing act.

We thank all of you so much for all of the prayers your sending our baby and us, we are very excited to being him/her home to meet everyone  :)

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