Monday, January 25, 2010

Feeling Like the Tortiuse

Now that the whirlwind of initial paperwork is over, things have been going slowly but steadily.  Eric and I spent most of the time before and after church working on our home study questionnaire.  This is about 6 pages and also requires us to write an autobiography 2-4 pages long.  We each have our own questionnaire.

Along with that, I have some paperwork from MLJ to fill out.  This paperwork doesn't need to be submitted anytime soon, I just have it for when it's needed.

I have also been corresponding with the person in charge of our education at MLJ.  We went back and forth a few times via email and she finally decided that we do not need to have our phone conferences right now, which means I am continuing to work on our Congo essay.  I am going to try and get Attaching in Adoption from the library this week, maybe I can work on my report too.

So what it comes down to is filling out a lot of paperwork, none of which has a deadline. 

I am just waiting to hear from our social worker (for our home study) to set up a first meeting, which could be anytime after she confirms the receipt of our application and down payment.

I know what Eric feels like when he works on set now; a lot of running around and hurrying and then a lot of waiting.  We're just being patient and trying to remember that we still have a lot of stuff to do and are going to be glad for the time we have to get it done.

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