Friday, February 5, 2010

Home Study - Part One

Yesterday afternoon we met with our home study Social Worker for the first time. Surprisingly, I wasn't a nervous wreck which I usually am when it comes to these sorts of things. She has her office out of her home, so off to Rockford we went. I'll be honest, I had no idea what to make out of my immediate impression of her. You know how you can look at someone and instantly have an opinion of whether you'd think they're nice? Well, I didn't.

Thankfully, she was wonderful and patiently listened as I rambled on and on about almost every topic imaginable. We spent almost two hours with her! I guess I would rather get along magnificently with our social worker than be unable to relate. We are planning on setting up our meeting for two weeks from now.

Before leaving, I had a few questions for her which she directed that I ask our adoption agent. I emailed her last night and got a lengthy response this morning. To avoid confusion I called and got everything clarified. Thankfully our agent is also patient since my 2 questions quickly turned in to 12.

Talking about the next wave of paperwork really put things in perspective. I have been running on this high since everything has been going so quickly. Once our home study is done, we have to wait for a certain approval which is taking up to 12 weeks. I have been pretty realistic so far, except for the timeline. It’s good to hear about this wait so when it comes times, I won't be anxious.

So between now and our next visit, I have to get the rest of our home study documents together. Thank God for the internet since it makes things a whole lot easier.

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