Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pluggin' Away

Since our home study, I have been gathering information slowly but surely.  I sent out for originals of our birth and marriage certificates which should hopefully come soon.

This week I want to make our doctor's appointments, get the letters from our employers, mail letters to our references and Friday I have to call our social worker to set up our next meeting.  Hopefully we can find a time that will work next week.

With Eric being gone, I have just been focusing on the paperwork needed.  I borrowed a book from the library for our "Independent Report" to move closer to completing our Adoption Education.  It's about attachment and is very informative, but it mostly applies to families who adopt older children.  Hopefully there will be a section for infants. 

Being alone on Super Bowl Sunday, I ended up spending the evening with my wonderful friend, Katy.  Instead of watching football (which wasn't an option since neither of us have regular television), we spent the night looking up baby bedding and nursery decorating ideas.  If there isn't much to post in the next couple of days, maybe I will put up things I like and you can let me know what you think!

Sorry for such a skimpy post, just not a lot to report about.

On a non-adoption note, Eric and I have reservations for V-Day.  We don't give gifts or anything; we just like to go out to dinner.  I do not know where we're going though.  Eric usually likes to be in charge of planning this "holiday" outing.  I will just have to wait and see.  I hope I get a chance to dress up all pretty :)

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