Monday, March 29, 2010

Life Update - Road Trip

 This past weekend we made the trek down to Chattanooga, Tennessee to visit our friends Scott, Kate and Steve Bro.  Scott and Steve moved there two years ago and Scott has since met, married and procreated with Kate resulting in an oh-so cute baby.

We arrived on Thursday night just in time for dinner.  Kate cooked, which she is very good at.  Our dinner was delicious and we ended the night with March Madness basketball.  You see, aside from visiting friends, the main reason for our trip's timing was March Madness.  Eric and Scott are childhood friends and also grew up playing basketball together.  Therefore, it is only natural to want to watch the most anticipated college basketball event with the person you most enjoy playing the game with.

This is how we spent most mornings and evenings.

Even baby Emery got into it.

 When the weather is nice, it's only natural to drink beer on the roof.  And then ask your wife to run out in to the middle of the street so he can get a picture ;)

I must insist that we did more than watch basketball.  Friday, we went thrifting, which was loads of fun.  Scott and Kate took us to Southeast Salvage, which is like a warehouse-sized World Market.  I was in heaven could have perused the isles all day long.  But after two rugs and a lamp, we headed out.  Friday night we stayed in and made sushi.  We have never made it ourselves but always wanted to try.  Its actually easy and if you know me, you know it really is easy :)

Saturday, the boys played basketball while Kate and I took a walk in the park downtown, wandering into a few shops and got lunch at their organic grocer, Green Life.  The afternoon was splendid with beautiful weather.  Saturday night we went out for dinner to Food Works, which I personally enjoyed.  I have a soft spot for Cobb salad, particularly when avocados are involved.

Our trip ended as every night there did, with basketball and video games.  Two childhood friends' dream come true :)

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