Friday, April 2, 2010


Almost at the very beginning of this process, Eric and I had to fill out a French Adoption Application for the Congolese government.  You may not remember this, but we surely do.  Well, last week our agent emailed me asking for another, different application to be completed in place of the one we originally did.  It isn't terribly hard.  We just weren't excited about having to redo it, since it was finished and sent to our agency in January.

Since we had to fill out the French version, our agency sent an English copy for reference.  The whole application process remained pretty lighthearted because of some less than perfect translations.  For instance, "Do you have some movable or immovable where?" or "All things being equal, do you after death the child will be kept as you'd hoped.  If yes, by whom?"  We definitely got a laugh out of those as we completed the application.

But alas, that's how this process goes.  Eric is much better at keeping that in perspective than I am.  He definitely has to talk me down on occasion.  Okay, maybe more often than not :)

The application now is completed, we just have to sign and notarize it and then it is off to our agency.  We're crossing our fingers that we completed it properly and won't need to make any corrections.  I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

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