Monday, April 19, 2010

Fingerprinting Times Two

As you know, we got our appointment for our FBI fingerprinting last week, woohoo!  In addition to that, we have to be fingerprinted by the local government in order to get a State of Michigan background check done.

I actually went online and was able to do a background check via ICHAT (Michigan's online source for these sorts of things).  How easy and convenient right?! WRONG.  I had no problem finding mine, but Eric's on the other hand, not so much.  His record is clean, but ICHAT decided to flag someone with the name Eric Johnson, same birth year but different middle name and birthdate.  They put this record on his form, just in case.  So even though Eric's record is clean, the form I printed out had a lot of red highlighted words.  I don't think that would look very good if you're the Congolese government.  So I had to call the Michigan State Police directly to find out if there was another way to do this.

Yes there is, and it only takes being fingerprinted, sending a bunch of things in and waiting three weeks.  So that's what we'll be doing tomorrow morning, getting fingerprinted so we can get fingerprinted again May 6th.  Oh the joys of adoption.  And the best part is, this all expires after about a year so if we want to adopt again we may have to do this all over again.  Don't worry, I am still very excited about adopting in the future, its just that I'm the one who does most of the paperwork so I have the right to sarcastically 'complain'.

Honest moment: I have been bugging Eric to bring the camera home so I can take some photos.  I think photos make posts so much more enjoyable and if I think that I should provide some.  So, hopefully you will be seeing some photos.

I want to get some of the attic before it's finished since its coming along wonderfully.  And I am also going project crazy!  Lots and lots of things to do this week and I'd love to show you.  We'll cross our fingers that Eric remembered to bring it home today :)

And...our dinner is coming up, May 1st!  Make sure to come and hang out and also eat some good food!

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  1. Just keep going at it!!
    I'm adopted, and even though I was a baby, I totally admire my parents going through all the paper work and meetings, etc.