Monday, April 12, 2010


Sorry, no photos for this post.  Eric brought the camera to work so it is not here for me to take the always interesting pictures of paperwork :)

This is just a recap before I get into the letter I received today.  We started and completed our home study fairly quickly but was delayed because of the back-and-forth that took place between our social worker and agency.  This was frustrating since I could not submit our I-600A application to Immigration until everything was complete.  Well, we finally received our finalized home study in the mail on March 26.  Unfortunately we were out of town that weekend and weren't able to mail it until Monday.  So, the actual day I express mailed our I-600A application was March 29.  This started a 4-6 waiting period until we received our fingerprinting appointment and then another 4-6 weeks for approval.  Well, I received our fingerprinting appointment today!  Actually, its not until the beginning of May but still!  I am uper excited!

This letter made me get all anxious about the rest of our paperwork.  We are doing pretty well when it comes to our Dossier, but I went into panic mode thinking we needed it done yesterday.  Either way, I am going to get on to doing the things left on the list.

Along with this great news, we had our adoption education conference over the phone last Thursday.  Brooke was very nice and fun to talk to, thought two hours did seem long after a while.  But I got our certificate via email and we can check that off the list too.

Man, its crazy all that is needed for this.  One thing that isn't required but we're excited for is the dinner our friends/family are doing.  May 1st is coming up and I am looking forward to seeing a whole bunch of people.  I love parties :)

Well, I am off to fill our more paperwork for adoption grants and to do homework.  Have a wonderful Monday night! 

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