Friday, May 21, 2010

Like Tripping at the Finish Line

Yesterday I received our H171 approval.  This normally is an ultra-joyous occasion because it is the last thing we need for our Dossier.  Unfortunately, this approval was for our original home study and not the amended one.  We need the approval to be for our amended one since the age range and types of children are different.

Upon examining the approval notice, I realized that the day I over-nighted the amended home study was the same day that the USCIS approved our application. 

It's weird to think that if it were correct, I would start looking for our kids....crazy.

And you know what?!  I am oh-so calm about it.  Eric even said he was taken aback when I was so calm and cool on the phone talking about it.  He said it was a little unnerving :)  Usually in this situation I would go into panic mode racing around like a chicken with her head cut off figuring out what to do next and who I needed to call. 

But I did call, I called the USCIS and they told me I had to call back ten days after I had mailed the amended home study.  So, I will call again on Monday morning and hopefully then we can get everything worked out. 

Hopefully I will update more on the situation after I talk to the USCIS Monday morning and then...I hope to announce the arrival of the correct approval notice and the completion of this step of the adoption.  Once we have everything together, I mail it to our agent who then sends it off to the Congo.

As we've said before, it's a lot of rushing then waiting and for now, I'll just keep waiting.

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