Monday, May 31, 2010

I Couldn't Help It

I will admit it.  I broke down and bought a stroller last weekend.  I have been combing Craigslist for the last few weeks and stumbled upon this deal.  It's everything I am looking for, and I didn't have to pay full price, which is the best part!

First of all, it's only 31" wide, which means it can fit through most doors.  Easy to fold down, two independently adjustable seats, a ton of storage, pivoting wheel for walking and a locking options for running.  And another big bonus, it fits in my car trunk!

This weekend I made some great progress on the kids' room.  I finished painting and touched up the walls where it needed it.  Now the only thing remaining is touching up the trim and then we're ready for carpet!  I will post photos as soon as it's finished.  I am way excited to see it all come together.  It helps to make things seem real, like they are actually going to be here soon :)

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