Saturday, June 26, 2010

Attic Finale

Earlier this week I found some time to photograph the attic now that it's complete.  Complete meaning painting, staining and carpeting is finished.  We haven't begun looking for furniture to fill that space, but it will happen soon enough.

In order to make photographing tha attic a little more fun, I brough along the two oh-so-cute bunnies I got from the wonderful Sleepyking via Etsy.  You should definitely check it out.

Well, on to the photos.

Hope you enjoyed both the attic and the bunnies.  Hopefully soon we can start searching Craigslist for basic furniture.  It's hard to know whether we're getting ahead of ourselves or not.  I want to be prepared but I also do not want to be setting myself up for heartache.  Although, our Dossier should be heading to the Congo farely soon.  But more about that when I actually know something myself :)

Tomorrow we have our adoption support group picnic, our block party and a wedding reception on Sunday.  It should be a fun and eventful weekend.  I hope yours is filled with great weather and fun!

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