Monday, July 19, 2010

Free is Always Best!

Last week I got a call from my dad, "Rosie, I found a crib for free as I was driving home.  I picked it up for you."  Yep, that's my dad.  If it says "free", he's stopping.  But this time, what a sweet find!  Eric and I went to visit yesterday and the crib is in great condition.  All I am going to do is sand and paint it so it looks a little more "new."

I haven't taken any photos yet, but I figured I will do a post of before and after pictures.  Before I start fixing it up, I am going to get the second crib.  Might as well do everything at once, right?  So, hopefully I will find something soon and utilize the nice weather to redo both cribs and the changing table.

I am not opposed to spending money, but I just feel so good when I find things for cheap.  Like the goodwill skirt I bought and altered.  Speaking of which, altering is SO expensive.  I have been scoping out Craiglist in search of a sewing machine and have signed up for a beginner class at JoAn's.  Hopefully I will never need to pay for alterations again.

In addition to a sewing machine and beginner class, I am seriously contemplating taking this online class I found.  Smile and Wave is such a fabulous blog and the writer is working with several other bloggers to offer this beginner class.  You should check it out and also her blog.

A bunch of us girls who get together on Tuesdays are talking about taking it. How fun to do it with girlfriends! And then you have people to ask questions and bounced ideas off of each other. By yourself or with a group, you should check it out!

On the adoption front, nothing new to report.  But hopefully soon! (crossing our fingers)

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