Thursday, August 26, 2010

School Cometh

Today is my last day off before classes start on Monday.  And when I say "classes start" I really mean, I must begin reading my textbooks since all of my classes are online this semester.  I had originally enrolled in four classes but have since dropped one.  I figure no matter whether we travel for Eric's work or the boys come home, it would be pretty overwhelming to have four classes.

So last week I headed over to the GRCC bookstore to pick up my books.  I am taking General Psychology, American History: Reconstruction to the Present and Sociology: Race and Ethnicity.  I easily find the books required and head to the checkout where the cashier asks me for $500.  No, I am not joking and almost fell over when she gave me the total.  I don't want to get into it, but textbooks are exorbitantly expensive.  Why?!


Okay, moving on.  As with every new semester, the dread of failure and drowning takes over.  I find assignments already given, 14 pages syllabuses and the thought of 15 weeks of this is nerve-wracking.  But as with every semester, I am fine.  I just have to keep telling myself.  Although, this semester I do have a professor who thinks very highly of himself.  In his first announcement, he informed us that he would not respond to any email that didn't address him as Dr. or Professor.  Really?!  I know GRCC is now accredited, but still, he's teaching at GRCC.  That little requirement didn't help my confidence with that class.  But I will prevail.

Hopefully I will be alive and thinking next week to update you on how the first week went.  We will see.

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