Monday, October 4, 2010

Buying Half of Babies 'R Us

Well, I didn't actually buy half of Babies R Us, but it sure felt like it.  Last Thursday, I spent the afternoon with my mom purchasing all of the remaining items of neccessity on my registry.  Since we will be traveling to the Congo/Mexico, I wanted to be prepared just in case the boys come home while we're away.  My goal is to have most of everything organized before we leave for the Congo.  And then I can spend the two weeks between the Congo and Mexico, finalizing details and getting ahead with school.

To prove how much we actually bought, here are all of the bags waiting to be organized when I eventually have some free time.  Thankfully, I didn't actually spend much of my own money.  Between gift cards and some returns, I was able to get the majority of what I need.  The only thing that's left to get are a few diapers/wet bags. 

The purchase of clothes is going to have to wait until I know when they are coming home.  This is because I do not know what sizes to get.  This means the time between finding out their arrival date and them actually being here is going to be filled with a lot of clothes shopping, comprised mostly of visits to thrift stores.  This part I am very excited to do.  I think it will be a fun thing for Eric and I to do, primarily because we love thrift stores anyway.

In other news, we receievd word from our agent late last week that the Congolese government has added an interview to the end of the finalization process.  This offers us two options, 1) one of us must be present in the Congo for the intervew, or 2) that we must get preapproval from USCIS (the U.S. government) that the boys will be acknowledged as immediate relatives when they arrive home.

Having our trip scheduled for October 17th doesn't offer a lot of time to figure things out.  Just say a prayer for us.  All these added steps are starting to become overwhelming.  It's hard to understand why they need to add all these extras, and why they just can't approve everything and send our boys home.

Thank you.

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