Monday, October 11, 2010

Getting Things Done

Today is my first day of unemployed life, but it hasn't hit me yet.  It's weird to think that I don't have to get up at a certain time or be anywhere first thing in the morning.  Not that I even remotely want to sleep in, it's just weird having the option.

But I know I will be utilizing all of my extra time this week preparing for our departure on Saturday night.  We fly out on Sunday, but it's so early, we are going to get a hotel in Detroit the night before. 

Today, our agent has given us some insight into what to bring.  It's really helpful, but it will still be a challenge packing.  Our goal is to only use carry-on luggage.  This isn't too much of a problem except that we will be stopping in Germany for a few days on the way home.  According to the DRC is going to be rainy and in the 90's whereas Frankfurt is going to be cloudy and in the 50's.  This drastic difference in temperature is going to make it tricky packing a 23" x 40" x 55" bag.  In addition to the bag size limitation, carry-ons can only have 3 ounces of liquid.  That means I am going to be hitting up the travel isle at Target this week.

I could use my purse/additional carry-on bag for clothes, but that will be housing my textbooks.  Yes, I will be bringing my schoolwork with me.  But really, who doesn't enjoy hauling textbooks around airports for two days straight?  But I can't complain, this will definitely count as an adventure, which I always tell Eric I want to have.  I may be eating my words later ;)

Emotionally,  I have two conflicting feelings warring within me.  First, I want to totally freak out, followed by a complete meltdown.  Although it's what I really want to do, it doesn't help my situation at all.  Instead, I am going with the mentality that everything is going to be fine; whatever happens is going to happen.  This mindset has taken some conscious effort to keep, because it is definitely not my first reaction.  But I know that I will regret a meltdown and my poor husband won't want to spend ten straight days with me either.  I just have to keep myself busy, and avoid the thinking that takes place once I stop.

So, I am not going to worry, it will all be great.  And tomorrow I have an appointment.  I wish it was to get my nails done, but unfortunately I will be getting vaccinated.  Thank goodness Kent Co Health Dept. could see me.  It's not like I waited until the last minute.  Oh wait....

I am going to end here and get back to practicing folding clothes as small as humanly possible.  If you could, say a little prayer that everything really does go well for us, and for my heart, so that I will be able to enjoy meeting my boys and being with them but will be able to leave when the time comes.

Thank you!  And I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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