Friday, October 29, 2010

Life of the Unemployed

Today I am finishing up my third week of being unemployed.  I must admit that I was pretty nervous about it.  As someone who's worked since she was 15 and who has worked full time since 18, I feel a little helpless.  It's a funny feeling when you're not contributing financially anymore. 

And with the change in travel plans, the amount of free time has recently expanded exponentially.  Aside from our appointment interview, I will have a lot of extra time on my hands while Eric travels.

I am trying to keep myself busy though.  Which is not always easy for me.  I do not have Eric's personality.  It is impossible for Eric to have nothing to do.  He always has a project he's in the middle of (usually more than one) and there are always projects in the works.  Because this is not me, I could, if I let myself just hang around and waste the day away.  I kind of feel like I do that already, but I try to make a big effort to be productive, whatever that entails. 

Thankfully, the last few weeks have been full of damage control, regular schoolwork, and some additional projects that are due soon.  I try to have a list of things I want to accomplish during the week, even if it's as simple as return a movie, paint a candlestick or launder the bed sheets.  With a list, I can always look to it if I feel my mind wandering into no-man's land.

I know that once the boys are home, I will be wishing for free time, so I am trying not to complain.  It's just such a funny feeling being home alone all day.  And with only online classes, I have no reason to leave the house, except for errands and appointments.  It's definitely new, and is taking some getting used to, but I think I'll manage.

Because of the tornado warning this week, I think I might organize the basement and designate an area for if it ever happens again.  I'm thinking a small table, a tub of blankets and water and a carpet remnant to put on the floor.  Let's just say that it wasn't very convenient having 6 small children and 2 dogs huddled on the dirty floor, even with 3 adults.

I better add that to-do to my list for next week now before I forget.  I hope everyone has a fun weekend.  Happy Halloween!

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