Monday, November 1, 2010

School + Unknown Arrival of the Boys = ?

Today starts week #10 for GRCC's fall semester.  Only 5 more to go before Christmas break.  I must say, I would not choose to do online classes again if I didn't have to.  I have realized how much better I learn in an actual classroom.  That being said, I signed up for classes for next semester, all of which are online.  Hopefully this can be the last semester that I have to do it this way.

Beyond not liking them, GRCC doesn't even offer a huge variety of online classes anyway.  Even with this semester, I felt like I had to settle on classes I wasn't terribly interested in or needed, just because they were available online.  But I think it will just be too difficult to go to class next semester, with the boys just being home (or so we're expecting).  

I can only hope that after 4 months, the kiddos and I will be adjusted enough for me to leave for a few hours each week.  But I guess I shouldn't count on anything.  Who knows what will be happening in 4 to 6 months?

All I can do is plug away at the classes I am currently enrolled in, which is what I am going to do now.  Happy Monday & Happy November!

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