Friday, October 1, 2010

Nursery Furniture - Part One

This past weekend, I hunkered down and actually got the cribs and changing table painted!  It actually took two days to clean, figure out how they go together and spray paint them completely.  But they look SO much better now.  I think they were made to be glossy white.

I don't own too much that is white, except most of the trim in our house.  But since two of the three pieces were already white, I thought it would be easiest to paint white over white, instead of painting a them a dark wood color.

Each piece was pretty dirty, but nothing that a little (or a lot!) of scrubbing couldn't handle.  And unfortunately, I do not have any excuse to get out of these jobs, like I would it I was several months pregnant.  Although, I do have a friend who decided to paint her entire garage at 8 months pregnant, but she's just exceptional that way :)

In addition to dirt, there were a few scratches on each piece.  But I figured, with two boys, they weren't going to stay pretty or perfect for long anyway.

Here they are, waiting for to dry after getting a fresh coat of paint.  It actually didn't take me as long as I had thought to repaint everything with spray paint.  And it only took five cans.

Once they were painted, I gave it a couple days before moving everything to the attic.  Unfortunately, the Ikea crib wasn't able to fit up the stairs and Eric had to take it apart, move it and then reassemble it.  He's such a good sport for doing all this for me.

While he was at basketball, I decided to put the other crib together and move everything around to see how it fit.  I had it all set up how I thought it should go, but sure enough, Eric is a bit taller and it didn't work out so well for him.  Hunching over while changing diapers multiple times is going to get old very fast.  So we worked together and figured out a way that we BOTH like.  Success.

Now, all I have to do is assemble the two "wardrobes" and find a dresser that I like, that is big enough, but can also be brought upstairs without dis-assembly.  That last part seems to be the most difficult criteria.  I plan on starting that search soon, since I am anticipating that it may take some time.

So there you have it!  The first stages our of boys' room.  It's crazy how it's all coming together. 

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