Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Family Photos

A few weeks ago, the lovely Kaitlin O'Dell of Katy O Photo took our family pictures.  She has recently started her photography business in the last couple of years and has grown significantly over the past twelve months.  You should totally check her out.  And I don't just say that because she's my friend/cousin/neighbor.  She's just really great.

Anyway, she came upstairs to take photos of Eric and I as we interacted with the boys.  Because it was January in Michigan, we were confined to the indoors for pictures.  Sadly, outdoor photos will have to wait a few more months.

In addition to the confinement, the boys weren't feeling very good.  Atticus didn't sleep much before she arrived, and Baxter was uncharacteristically mellow.  They had been sick for a few days, and weren't too cooperative.  Despite these "challenges," Katy snapped away for a while and was able to get a number of good photos.

Their familiarity with Katy definitely made it easier.  The boys already know her as Aunt Katy, so they didn't have to warm up to some strange person taking their picture.  But Katy's the find of person that if you're not friends already, you'll definitely become friends by the end of the shoot.  She has a beautiful personality that's warm and fun to be around.

Here are a few of my favorites.

See, didn't they turn out well?  She's basically a miracle-worker.  She took two sad, sleepy, and pouty babies and managed to get some really good photos.

So if you know anyone who needs a photographer, you can click HERE to check out her website.  She does weddings, engagements, family, pregnancy and babies.  She even has packages for the first year of baby's life as well!

Thanks Katy, you're the best!

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