Monday, April 18, 2011

20 Weeks

I can't believe the boys have been home for 4 months, and then again, I can't believe they've only been home for 4 months.  Just like I've said before, sometimes it seems like they just got here, and other time, I can't remember them not being here.

It seems like Baxter has grown and progressed exponentially, whereas, Atticus seems very content to stay on the floor, sitting.

Baxter is crawling SUPER fast, still pulling himself up on things, and is gaining more and more confidence in his walking abilities.  He's so close, I think the only thing that's stopping him is fear.  He will take a couple of steps between the couch and coffee table or to get to us, but hasn't been able to walk more than three steps.  When Eric and I try and help him, he needs momentum.  He can't start walking from a standing position.

Besides the snot, he looks like such a kid, and not a baby anymore.

Now Atticus, he's much more idle.  We are encouraging him to crawl, but he doesn't seem to be having it.  He does sit up on his own like a champ, and can stand if he's against something.  He's also jabbering away.  He's still super laid back, and easy going, which I love.

He really like eating the buttons on my cardigans..

So I made him this ribbon full of buttons.

This is the face he usually makes when we put him on his stomach.  Odd thing is, he sleeps on his stomach.  We don't get it.

 Both boys are loads of fun, in their own way.  I am looking forward to seeing them grow into toddlers, and finding out what their voices sound like.  This summer will be a lot of fun too, filled with walking, talking kids.  I can't wait until they can play outside.  I think that they will seem more and more like twins once they are both walking.  Right now, two months seem like a huge difference. 

We are getting out and about more, and they are doing great.  We go grocery shopping, take walks, and go to the YMCA.  It's still challenging doing it by myself, but the more I do, the easier it gets.

It's crazy how much two little boys can change your life.  It's so weird that 5 months ago, I could go and do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.  That life almost seems like a dream now.  But I can't imagine not having them here.  Because they're my boys :)

Happy Monday!  Hope it's a great start to your week.


  1. I can't believe it's been four months... I can't believe it's (only) been four months -yep :)

  2. It goes by so fast. I am just nervous that I am going to wake up and they will be in school.