Saturday, April 9, 2011

Finding Time to Cook

Don't worry, I am still planning on having a new recipe for you this week.  It's just that lately, it's been difficult to find the time to cook.  Actually, it's more like finding a night to eat a meal I've cooked.  I have actually enjoyed making new dishes, and I have found several recipe that either fit my new diet or are easily modified to fit my new diet.  Like I said, it's actually finding a night to eat what I've made.  I am able to make dinner during the day, but Eric and I are very rarely home on the same nights and available to have dinner together.

This is why:

Mondays are my night out, which doesn't include cooking dinner. On Tuesdays, Eric plays basketball and I have dinner with girlfriends, not at my house.  Wednesday is the night I usually make a new dish, but we have been eating dinner with friends during Lent.  Once Easter has passed, I am hoping to get back into the routine of making dinner that night.  Thursday is Eric's night out.  And I'm not usually motivated to make an entire meal for myself.  Fridays and Saturdays sometimes work, but sometimes we are able to go out (which we never say no to).  And on Sundays, Eric's younger brother and some friends come over to watch a movie.  We usually just make easy food, like frozen pizzas, guacamole or spinach/artichoke dip.

This week was no different.  Last night we had dinner with my family for my brother's 18th birthday, and tonight Eric's parents are taking the boys overnight!  Yep, we get an entire night out and won't be woken by the sound of babies crying.  I'll let you know how we spend such precious time :)

Anyway, I plan on making dinner on Monday.  We have a meeting with our adoption group, but it doesn't start until 7pm.  If Eric is able to get home by 6, I should be able to make Mango Chicken Chili.  And then I can share with you how it turned out.  Let's cross our fingers.

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