Saturday, April 30, 2011

A night out with friends

Last night we celebrated two of our friends' birthdays.  It was a lot of fun.  I wish I took more pictures (more meaning more than one).  When I'm in a group, I have a harder time remembering to take photos.  And it's probably not wanting to inconvenience anyone either.  None of us are big picture-takers anyway.

Well, to celebrate we went to a local brewery we have been meaning to try.  It was delicious!  I got a burger, no bun or cheese, but it was still the most amazing burger I've ever had.  After dinner, we split up.  The girls headed to Starbucks for some treaters (treater = a drink that comes from Starbucks), and the boys got themselves some beer.  We met back at our place and just hung out for hours.  It may seem a little boring for a birthday celebration, but that's our favorite thing to do.

While we were hanging out, one of the birthday boys showed us some glasses he was send to try on.  In true girl fashion, we all tried them on.  And here is where my one picture comes in.

Aren't we cute?  We just like to have fun.  You know, like the song.

Today, if the weather cooperates, I am going to hit up a block sale.  Maybe I'll even find some treasures. Happy Saturday!

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