Sunday, May 1, 2011

Aunt Hannah's Visit

Today is the last day Hannah, Eric's sister, is here.  Tonight she flies back home to LA.  So today is going to be filled with as much time with her as possible.  The boys and I have actually seen her every single day she's been here, but when you only see someone every few months, a few days isn't enough.

We had dinner with Eric's family last week and I snapped some photos of her and Atticus.  I was hoping to get some of her with Baxter, but he's on the move so much, he doesn't slow down for pictures.  I will have to make a real effort to capture her and Baxter together today since it's my last chance.

Okay, I'm off.  We're already running late.  The nice weather this morning makes us loose track of time as we sit outside, sipping our morning coffee.

Happy Sunday!  Hope it's great whatever you do.

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