Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thrifted Treasures - Alterations

Eric has been gone this week, which allows a lot more time to get things done after the boys go to bed (I'm not one for watching a movie by myself).  Anyway, all this time to myself allowed me to bust out all the alterations I have been wanting to do, and the stuff I just picked up during my thrifting adventure.

These two shirts have been around the house for a while, waiting to be altered.  The first one is a men's shirt I found at a Goodwill.  The polo is one that Eric was going to get rid of, and I thought, why not.  I could totally wear that.

And then here are my recent finds.  The skirts I needed to hem up and the shirt was another men's that needed to be taken in everywhere.

For the most part, I sewed at night.

But there were a few moments during naps where I could actually sew in the daylight.

I sewed, then had to remove stitches and resew.  I am not a very good seamstress, but I make it work.

After two days of late nights, and working during naps, the clothes were finished!  All I have to do now is take a few pictures with them on so you can all see how they turned out.

They are waiting patiently to be styled with an outfit, and hopefully this week I can make their clothing dreams come true.

Oh, and it's Easter tomorrow.  Crazy!  We have a family party this afternoon with all my cousins and their kids, so I will be sure to take and post some photos.  And tomorrow we will be having dinner with Eric's family.  What do you do for Easter?  Is it mostly immediate family gathering or do you see your extended family?

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