Friday, April 22, 2011

Diapering Dilemma

Today has been rough day in the diaper department.  Since the boys have come home, we have used Flip Diapers, and besides having to use extra protection at night, they have been great.  But recently, the boys have started to drink a lot more liquid during the day.  This is a good thing.  It's just that they are wetting through an hour or so after I change them.  I really hate the idea of using disposable, but I also don't want to spend the hundreds of dollars it would cost to change over to a different line of diapers.  So there is my dilemma, keep what I have and change diapers every 1-2 hours, use disposable, or switch to a different type of clothe diaper.  I think I am going to stop at a local baby shop tomorrow that has TONS of clothe diaper options and see what advice they can offer.

If anyone has any ideas or advice, please let me know.  I am almost at the end of my "rope" with these diapers.  Thanks :)

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