Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day

Honestly, today doesn't seem that different from any other Sunday.  I know it's because my boys are too little to even begin to understand what it means.  I don't think that it will seem like "Mothers Day" for another year or two.  And I'm not one to buy myself something and say that it's my Mothers Day gift to myself.  Eric and I have actually decided that the only things we want to receive on those days are handmade gifts from our kids.

Although it doesn't feel like Mothers Day to me, I am still beyond thankful that I am the momma of Baxter and Atticus.  They have completely changed my life, and only for the better.  Oh, we have our tough days, but their smiles and hugs make every frustration disappear.  I couldn't imagine my life right now without them.  And I am excited for all of the future Mothers Days, where I am reminded of just how special it is to be their mom.

And to close this Mothers Day post, a random story from last night.  Eric and I were out for dinner and right before we left, our waitress said "I would wish you a happy Mothers Day, but you're not a mom."  I just thought that was funny, since it was such an presumptuous thing to assume that I'm not a mom.  I almost mentioned to her on the way out that I had not one, but two kids.  I didn't though.  But if I did, I bet I would have gotten a pretty funny reaction.

Happy Mothers Day!

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